To find the online home of the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation, visit, the official site of the organization.  The site is available in many different languages.  Choose the appropriate language on the right hand side of the site in order to start navigating!   After selecting a language, more links will pop up to help users choose where to go.  There are selections for patients with multiple sclerosis, medical professionals who treat the disease, and even some for family members and loved ones who are looking for more information.  The front page also features important news events that may be relevant to anyone who has interest in the multiple sclerosis field.

The website is easy to navigate no matter what type of information you are looking for.  The top bar includes links to different areas of the website that include information about multiple sclerosis, how to live with the chronic disease, research, relevant news, information about the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation, and how to get involved and donate or volunteer to help out.  Use the links to the find the information you are looking for easily and quickly.


Information That Offers


There is a lot of information available on for anyone who has any interest in the neurological disease multiple sclerosis.  People who may have symptoms relating to multiple sclerosis may use the site to see if they should be tested or not.  People who have been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis can use this informative site to find out information about symptoms they may experience in the future, the course their disease can take, and treatment options that are available to them.  Medical professionals can communicate with other doctors or specialists through the website and look at the new research that is available in the field.  This ensures that all the professionals know about the most effective treatment methods for multiple sclerosis.

Caretakers for those who suffer from multiple sclerosis can also benefit from  By using the informative site, they can learn about warning signs for relapsing, how to help a person with multiple sclerosis gain independence and mobility by keeping active, and more.  This website can also give them an idea of helpful support groups for the patient and their families, mild exercise classes, or clinics that are nearby for their client or loved one.