Being diagnosed with MS leads most people to question what is Multiple Sclerosis, so they know what to expect. Knowing what is MS disease includes learning about the cause, symptoms, and how to deal with it. MS is a complicated disease in many ways. First of all, it is difficult to diagnose, due to the plethora of symptoms and how each is very similar to those displayed in other diseases. An onset of MS symptoms is usually the reason a diagnosis is sought in the first place. The reasons for each symptom have to do with the way the immune system reacts within the body.

Instead of battling infections, bacteria, viruses, or other illnesses, the white blood cells begin attacking healthy nerve cells instead. As more and more damage is done to the myelin sheath on these cells, inflammation occurs and lesions are formed. An MRI scan makes it possible to see most lesions. These are a form of scarring on the brain and spinal cord tissue. Scarring found on the brain creates symptoms associated with the head and upper part of the body, while lesions on the spinal cord seem to affect the lower extremities and muscle movement in general.

So, what is MS? In simple terms, it is an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure. Organizations around the world are constantly raising money to fund research in hopes a cure for MS will be found relatively soon.


What is Multiple Sclerosis symptoms?


The symptoms of MS are plentiful; around 50 have been documented in MS patients over the years. They can range in severity and in the length of time they present themselves. Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis can actually come and go for years before a diagnosis of MS is ever made. Individuals with MS might have only a couple of symptoms at a time, but it depends on the person. Learning about what is Multiple Sclerosis disease helps people be more prepared for symptoms that may arise.

Upon learning about the many symptoms associated with MS, patients want to know what is Multiple Sclerosis research going to provide them by way of treatment options. Medications to counteract each MS symptom are available, with many being very successful on the first try. If a medication isn’t working properly, then another one is readily available to try. This is necessary because everyone’s body reacts differently to the MS meds. Learning about treatments and how the disease will change your lifestyle are the basics to learning what is MS disease.


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