Venous multiple sclerosis is currently something that is being studied and researched.  Venous MS is being considered as a possible cause of the disease, or at least something that contributes to its severity.  This research could contribute to new medications and treatments that could help people with multiple sclerosis.  It could even lead researchers to finding a cure for the disease.

The hypothesis behind venous multiple sclerosis is that the veins in the body, particularly the ones providing blood flow from the brain to the heart and back, are narrowed and sometimes even completely blocked.  Other veins that could be affected include the spinal cord veins and jugular veins.  This has been found in many different patients with multiple sclerosis, meaning it can be a condition or symptom of the disease.

The problems that are caused from the vein shrinkage can include inflammation, lesions, and decreased drainage.  These symptoms can be directly related to multiple sclerosis, and they can worsen symptoms.  In a study, every single person who had multiple sclerosis and was tested for having venous MS tested positive.  Each one had some form of narrowed or blocked veins that were contributing to their disease.  The control group, people without multiple sclerosis, did not have this venous problem.  This demonstrates a clear link between multiple sclerosis and blocked or narrowed veins.  Researchers are trying to find out their correlation in order to help patients improve their health.


Treatment Options for Venous Multiple Sclerosis


Since the discovery of narrowed and blocked veins in people with multiple sclerosis is a fairly new discovery, there are not many widely available treatment options.  In fact, many treatment options are only being practiced in clinical trials and research settings.  While these treatments are experimental and may not have been research extensively, it can be beneficial for someone with multiple sclerosis to participate in one of these trials.  It can help treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and it allows the medical community to learn more about how venous multiple sclerosis can be treated effectively.

More treatments are on the horizon as more information is being gathered about venous multiple sclerosis.  Many medical researchers are looking into how these narrowed or blocked veins related to the multiple sclerosis disease.  With more information about the disease and the symptoms and problems it causes, researchers can come up with better ways to help those afflicted.