The key to understanding Multiple Sclerosis is knowing the symptoms. The reason this important in understanding MS is that the faster a patient is diagnosed the faster they can start treatment which will greatly increase the quality of life for the patient and decrease the amount of pain experienced over the years. The medications currently used for this disease cannot cure it but early detection and medication can prevent this disease from progressing and will help in reducing the number of relapses.

While there are many symptoms of this disease most patients will experience certain common signs which are listed as follows: loss of balance, blurred vision, seeing double, numbness or tingling in the face or limbs, as well as rarely but sometimes a lack of coordination, slurred speech, cognitive difficulties or a sudden paralysis.

What is important to note is that any of these symptoms can come and go and reoccur with weeks months, or years between episodes. Most people who are diagnosed will later remember that they have experienced some of the symptoms for a long time before going to a doctor.

Such symptoms do get worse if they are not treated and later on can include the following: perceptional changes, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, muscle spasm, and heat intolerance, dizziness, impaired thinking, itching or burning pains, stabbing sensations, difficulty swallowing, problems controlling bladder or bowel functions, tremors, seizures, or breathing problems.


Learning to Live with MS


Learning all there is to know about MS doesn’t happen overnight. It is important to push the patient to become as informed about this disease as possible by reading up on everything on it, including what the future holds as unpleasant as it may be to know. It is better to know and prepare for what years will bring rather than just wait for it to happen. The doctor in question will also make sure to explain and discuss various treatment steps and how to best adjust the patient’s lifestyle.

It is also important to understand that maintaining current health becomes a large focal point of the treatment and that incorporating a special diet and an exercise routine into the patient’s life can boost their immune system and grant many benefits in the long run.

When it comes to understanding Multiple Sclerosis many people may start by locating a good living with MS blog. Many blogs such as this are found on the web and can help greatly in understanding MS as well as learning news on the latest research and finding answers to many questions that the patient may have after being diagnosed.