The mission of the National MS Society is to help people with Multiple Sclerosis to remain mobile, address challenges these individuals face each day, and to drive the research of MS forward. When it comes to mobility, people with MS often become very limited in what they are physically capable of doing. Due to muscle weakness, spasms, paralysis of limbs, and other affects experienced in the muscles, being able to carry out daily functions sometimes requires assistance.

Obtaining the necessary equipment to remain independent is how this nonprofit organization helps people remain in their own homes and continue to be self-reliant for as long as possible. People at any stage of MS can receive much needed support when dealing with the daily challenges of having MS. A National MS Society toll-free number is provided for anyone to use when they need encouragement, answers to questions, or just someone to talk to.

In order to keep research for MS moving forward, there needs to be awareness of this disease. Volunteers promote awareness through fundraising events, a National MS Society bike event or walk, as well as many community events with local MS Societies.


Finding National MS Society Jobs


Even though much of the aid to the MS Society is through volunteer work, there is still the possibility of forming a career with the organization. Job openings can be in areas such as management or support staff. Continuous professional development and employee benefits also come with the job. Any of the job openings can be applied for by anyone with a desire to make a difference.

You can look for job openings on the national website, talk to your local MS Society chapter to see what’s available, or call the toll-free number listed on the website.


Where to Locate the National MS Society Address


The address for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is located on their website. Three national offices exist; Denver, Washington D.C., and New York and the contact information for each of these are posted on the site. There is also an option to contact the organization online and this includes filling out a short form and submitting it.

The National MS Society isn’t hard to get a hold of and they are always looking for people who want to help. You can easily start off doing something locally to assist this amazing organization and the people it was created for and slowly work your way up to bigger tasks. There’s no limit on the difference once person can make.


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