For people living with multiple sclerosis, it can be inspirational to hear other people’s success stories, including celebrities.  Tamia MS is a story that many people with multiple sclerosis can relate to.  The story of Tamia multiple sclerosis is one of hope and inspiration that many people can use to lift their spirits when they are feeling like they are in a never ending struggle with their disease.  Inspirational stories such as this one can help people to feel like they are not alone and encourage them to keep striving for their dreams in the face of adversity when struggling with a chronic disease.

Tamia is an R&B singer who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003 at the young age of 28.  At the time, Tamia knew nothing about the disease and it was a heart-wrenching diagnosis.  It was difficult to deal with the symptoms and attacks while trying to keep up her successful career.  After keeping it hidden for some time, she decided to come forward to her fans and the public about the disease.  Since then, she has become a strong advocate for the disease, raising awareness about multiple sclerosis and how people can still live full lives with the disease.


Tamia MS – Her Multiple Sclerosis Struggle


When Tamia first thought something was medically wrong, she had to go through different doctors and many different diagnoses before the right one was finally made.  This was frustrating, but unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people with multiple sclerosis.  When she finally received the diagnosis, she wasn’t sure how to feel.  Tamia didn’t know much about the disease at first, and so decided to keep it from the public as well as her fans.  It was a private struggle between her and her family.

It took time before Tamia was able to accept that multiple sclerosis was a chronic disease, but it did not mean she had to stop living!  In time, she was able to disclose that she was living with the disease.  She and her husband have had a daughter since her diagnosis, and she tries to live each day to the fullest.  Since the diagnosis, Tamia has tried to become an advocate for the disease, speaking out about living with MS.  She focuses on remaining positive even during the difficult times, like when having a relapse or a flare up.  Through her fame, she has been able to reach a lot of people to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis.