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Associated Symptoms of Fatique Have Been Successfully Treated With Armantadine MS

Used originally for the treatment of Asian flu and Parkinson’s Disease for some time, Armantadine MS has been found to be effective in combating fatigue associated with MS. It has not yet been specifically approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for that use. Armantadine is also known as Symmetrel and is being widely prescribed for MS patients.

Parkinson’s Disease was first described in an 1817 paper, *An Essay on the Shaking Palsy* by Dr. James Parkinson. A couple of very recognizable people, Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali have worked to bring the public’s attention to this affliction. Parkinson is caused by the death of cells that contain dopamine and results in difficulty in movements, uncontrolled shaking, muscle rigidity, sleep and emotional problems, and for some, dementia in the later stages.

It is unclear exactly how Armantadine Multiple Sclerosis exactly affects patients and gives them the noted …

With Amantadine, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) fatigue relief a surprise side effect

Amantadine MS therapy is another case of what often happens with Pharmaceuticals; sometimes a drug is formulated for one condition and what was an unwanted side effect turns into a benefit.  And Amantadine, Multiple Sclerosis sufferers have discovered such a surprise.  While researching Amantadine, MS was not the original target.  It was originally approved for use as an antiviral drug to treat or at least prevent some influenza infections.  Sometimes it is also used in concurrence with other drugs as part of drug regimen for treating Parkinson’s disease as well.  But for reasons still unknown, it has been reported that with Amantadine, MS fatigue related symptoms have been reduced.  The fact that the Amantadine MS relationship is not yet understood does not make it any less effective.  The usual dose for Amantadine MS fatigue management is 100 to 200 mg per day. If nighttime sleep routines are disrupted, the dose …

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