Spasticity is used to describe many of the involuntary muscle spasms a person with MS may have to endure and which may now be addressed by using Sativa MS. Involuntary muscle contractions can be quite painful and Sativex Multiple Sclerosis can bring much needed relief to the patient.

Simply put, various muscles of the MS patient will contract or twitch on their own. It may soon lead to persistent pain in the joints, lower back and the muscles themselves.

Until now there has been little success in finding specific treatment for spasticity with any drugs. There are some positive signs that situation could change with the use of Sativex MS.

It’s important to understand the cause of these painful and debilitating muscle spasms. Multiple sclerosis is now believed to be a result of an overactive immune system. This results in the fatty tissues that make a sheath covering the nerves, called myelin, to be attacked as if they were a foreign body. The process is also known as ‘demyelination.’

As this protective covering is destroyed, it is much like a power cord that has had it’s covering torn or worn away. The electricity can cause a shock to you if the cord is handled because there is nothing to ensure the current stays where it is supposed to. Since the nerve signals are not being properly carried to or from the muscle tissues we see the twitching, contracting or improper movement of various muscles.

It is suggested that the MS patient take part in a low-impact workout routine and do stretching exercises to help relieve some of symptoms and strengthen the muscles. Relaxation techniques involving meditation, Yoga or massages may help. Another benefit is it helps increase the oxygen intake.  Of course, something like this is to be done under the supervision or advice of the treating physician.


Why Sativex MS ‘Multiple Sclerosis’ May Help


Adding proteins or minerals like potassium, calcium, or magnesium to the diet may also help. Of course, always be aware that medical intervention may be necessary if the symptoms continue to increase as the entire system may be in crisis, including the heart muscles and other vital organs.

Sativex MS is a metered oral spray that is designed to be used to meet the individual’s needs. It is a cannabis-based compound of the chemicals found in marijuana, THC and CBD (cannabidiol). It is intended to be administered by spraying in the cheek or under the tongue. The daily dosages should remain under 12 a day with at least 15 minutes passing between doses.

As with many MS therapies, the range of relief reported varies between patients. If all else has failed to provide adequate spasticity relief, sativex MS, (multiple sclerosis) may well be worth discussing with your treating physician.

The most common side effects have been described as causing  dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue and in some cases, nausea.