Researchers have found several ways to reverse multiple sclerosis, or MS, in recent studies. If they can continue to reverse MS, these amazing breakthroughs may soon become common treatments, and MS may soon be a thing of the past. This article spotlights different treatments that may have the potential to reverse multiple sclerosis.

One article, posted on, tells of how researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine found a way to reverse multiple sclerosis and stop degeneration by using a protein. This protein is called alphaB-crystallin. It is usually found in the lens of the eye but develops in the brain in cases of multiple sclerosis.

The article states that when the protein appears in the brain, the immune system interprets it as dangerous and attacks. Apparently, injecting the protein works just like the injection of allergy shots; it allows the body to become accustomed to it.

In another study, found on, a drug has been found to reverse MS nerve and brain damage. The article states that the drug, alemtuzumab, blocks the progress of MS. The drug has been used to treat leukemia since the 1980. Alasdair Coles and other researcher at the University of Cambridge began testing it on MS patients and followed them for three years.

They found that brain lesions disappeared, and patients scored higher on tests than before the treatment. Furthermore, the immune system grows back without cells that cause MS. This drug may not only reverse multiple sclerosis, but be helpful in other immune disorders as well.


Natural Treatments


People are starting to find natural treatments that reverse multiple sclerosis as well. One study shows that chiropractic may help reverse multiple sclerosis and parkinson’s disease (PD) without the use of drugs. The research was preformed by Erin Elster, D.C. in Boulder, Colorado. After treating the neck injuries of 81 patients 91% of MS patients improved and 81% of PD patients improved as well. This suggests that the correction of neck injuries may help to reverse MS and PD by lining up the vertebrae so that nerve pathways are not obstructed.

The informative website,, states that the only way to reverse multiple sclerosis is to allow your body to heal itself.  Many people also believe that diet is central to reversing MS.  This may be true.  Studies have found that there is a reduction of MS among women who use supplemental vitamin D.

High doses of vitamin D3 have been proven effective in decreasing the number of MS lesions and the frequency and severity of MS attacks. Studies have also shown that MS patients that take higher doses of vitamin D3 (14,000 IU a day) have two thirds fewer attacks than patients that take less (1,000 IU a day). Vitamin B3 may also restrict development as well (, 2011).