Among the most important sources of information about MS are people with MS. People with multiple sclerosis have much to relate about the nature of MS and their efforts to cope with it. They can also speak of their efforts to cope with the various forms of medication administered in the treatment of the condition. Since every individual’s experience of MS is unique, it is not possible to extrapolate from what one person has endured to what another is likely to go through in the future. However, valuable lessons can still be gleaned by listening to the experiences of people with MS.

An MS patient,  a close friend or relative of an MS patient, or a medical professional can learn a lot from people with multiple sclerosis by interacting with them on a one-on-one basis and seeing the challenges they deal with daily and their triumphs over some of these challenges. In some cases, when MS patients are experiencing cognitive difficulties, it is difficult for them to relate what they are going through to a sympathetic listener. This is why it is important for those interacting with them to make the effort to learn about MS from other sources too. This should not be difficult in the internet age, when all sorts of information are readily available at our fingertips. Thanks to the internet, people can access information about MS and people living with multiple sclerosis from different nations. They can also make a point of seeking information about conventional and non-conventional approaches to managing the condition.


Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis


One of the advantages of using the internet to search for information about MS is that one can easily find the stories of famous people with multiple sclerosis. Many people look up to celebrities. Knowing that there are famous people who suffer from MS and who use their celebrity status to raise awareness about the disease and promote fundraising for it makes a huge difference in their lives. Celebrities with MS can play a big role in correcting misinformation about MS and about the experiences of people living with multiple sclerosis.

Some examples of famous people with multiple sclerosis include the talk show host, Montel Williams, the singer and actor, Alan Osmond, the singer, Tamia, and the wife of the Republican politician Mitt Romney, Ann Romney. Being in the public eye as they make the effort to cope with their MS brings unique sets of challenges into these people’s lives. At the same time, it puts a spotlight on the disease. So getting publicity about their condition has mixed consequences for them.