Overcoming multiple sclerosis (MS) isn’t impossible. Despite no drug curing the disease (as is the case even when a disease is cured sometimes), there are ways to put the disease into remission, and to reduce the symptoms it produces. Surprisingly, they’re simple healthy habits for the most part.

Many people believe that overcoming multiple sclerosis (MS) isn’t something simple natural things can help with, but once you understand the disease and how it works, and then look at the techniques for suppressing it, you’ll realize it’s logical.

Multiple sclerosis is the result of nerves being unable to conduct pulses between the brain and the body due to the insulation around them (myelin) breaking down. As a result, the organs, machinery in the body, don’t get enough power and become far less responsive.

Due to this communications and power breakdown in one’s machinery, the symptoms of MS are all over the place. Symptoms show up as cardiac problems, difficulty breathing, gastric distress, and muscular fatigue. Those are just a few such symptoms.

Obviously this disease is serious.


Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by Healthy Habits.


We’re looking at documented, widely and successfully practiced treatment techniques for overcoming multiple sclerosis (MS). This means that some of the promising remission practices, supplements and medicines with little time out in the wild are not going to be looked at here.

Instead let’s look at some well-documented healthy habits proven to reduce the ravages of MS and put it into remission. Recent studies have proven the link between vitamin D and reduced demyelination (the breakdown of myelin). This reduces the progress of the disease and can actually reverse some of the damage it causes as well.

If you get your vitamin D through milk, it’s all the better. The extra calcium and fatty acids that milk provides, and that vitamin D supplements lack, do well to strengthen the rest of the body’s systems as well. And that’s the key to reducing the symptoms. It’s not possible to make them go away through these practices. So, make your body stronger so it can work with the diminished signals and power provided under demyelination.

To strengthen your muscles, nothing beats stretching exercises like yoga or Tai Chi. For a stronger heart and better lungs, low impact aerobics are a fantastic practice.

For those suffering from mild MS, and who practice these things already, this is probably why your MS is mild rather than acute. But we must all take heart as there are currently being written papers that explain how to do away with this disease for good.