There is a new MS treatment, which is connected to research that might be one of the probable causes of MS. Research for MS treatment 2010 brought about indicated that CCSVI, which stands for ‘chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency’, and caused oxygen-depleted blood to become trapped in the central nervous system, thus creating chronic symptoms. This condition causes blood in both the brain and spine to be blocked and unable to make it back to the heart.

Currently, MS treatment is offered in very few places for CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis patients. However, the CCSVI Foundation, a nonprofit MS patient advocacy organization, is seeking to change this by assisting patients in being diagnosed for CCSVI and helping to locate MS treatment centers for the patients.

This condition is usually treated one of two ways, by either inflating a balloon inside the affected vein or veins, or by inserting stents in narrow or deformed veins. These procedures aim to improve blood flow out of the brain and to the heart. These forms CCSVI MS treatment are not approved yet, but they do exist. It must be noted that it still isn’t 100 percent clear as to whether or not CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis patients is connected to their illness, but research has indicated a positive link.


History behind this Alternative MS Treatment


Certain studies performed by an Italian doctor found there might be a connection between CCSVI in MS patients and the occurrence of MS. These studies, performed by Dr Zamboni’s showed CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis patients can be treated and tends to provide people with MS relief from symptoms. In one such study performed, 65 patients with MS underwent an operation to alleviate CCSVI. Of those, 73 percent no longer had MS symptoms after 2 years had passed.

Diagnosis for CCSVI is usually done by help of specialized extracranial and transcranial Doppler sonography. In these procedures, an ultrasound is taken of the veins in various parts of the head and neck. Doctors consider a set of 5 criteria are used, but of these 5, only 2 actually need to be present in order for the doctors to diagnose the patient with CCSVI. The sign that doctors are looking for is usually a narrowing or deformity of the main veins of the central nervous system. In fact, while it is true that certain other conditions can cause an obstruction in such veins, in many cases reduced blood flow through these veins often points to CCSVI.

In order to be sure that the patient in question has CCSVI, doctors will consider two important factors. These two factors are the technology and training which is used to make the detection and the types of narrowing seen in veins.

As the possibility of a new MS treatment rises, many more patients are trying to enlist the aid of a vascular surgeon who can diagnose possible CCSVI, while in the past, most patients experiencing MS symptoms were sent to a neurologist. Hopefully further research on the link between CCSVI and MS will open up new MS treatment options.


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