New MS cures for symptoms and to slow progression of the disease are coming to the forefront quicker in the last few years than in the preceding decades combined. Natural MS cures are being discovered and tried even faster because government agencies don’t tend to slow things down. In the pharmaceutical area, probably the biggest new MS cure related announcements have been the approval of oral medications like Gilenya that seem to treat the disease just as effectively as drug therapies whose results were only received through injections or IV infusion.


Some Natural MS cures don’t even involve drugs


Exercises like Yoga have shown to improve both the mental attitude of the MS patient as well as help with development of a positive attitude. Reducing your level of stress can have nothing but a good effect on your overall quality of life.  And although not new, MS cures are all about improving quality of life for the patient.

Massage has also helped many patients.  It won’t alter the course of the disease but can minimize depression and relieve pain when relapse does occur. And rather than daily sticking yourself with needles filled with toxic drugs, a more natural MS cure may be to give Acupuncture a try. Many MS sufferers report relief of muscle spasms, bladder incontinence, and pain when treated with Acupuncture. Just be sure that the procedure is done in a completely sterile environment, since infection is always a risk when the immune system is compromised as it is with MS.

There is also evidence lately suggesting that narrowing veins are slowing the flow of blood from the brain to the heart in patients with MS. It is hypothesized that this restricted flow may in part be keeping patients from walking as well as they might otherwise and keeping them in constant pain. It is known that Vitamin D helps to unclog arteries and veins. Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D with no side effects in moderation, so some patients and doctors are exploring UV treatments and other ways to increase natural Vitamin D levels as well as supplementing the diet with vitamin D.




Diet is fast becoming recognized as playing an important role in keeping the disease in check and relieving and even eliminating symptoms.  A well-balanced diet rich in certain vitamins and supplements has shown astounding results in relatively short time.  Dietary modification with the help of a doctor or nutritionist that understands Multiple Sclerosis can help tremendously.  There are resources available to help you understand what changes you can make to your diet to relieve the symptoms that are bothering you the most. And a dietary change is a natural MS cure anyone can live with.