A neuromyelitis optica treatment is used for patients with Devic’s Syndrome. Devic’s disease is also known as neuromyelitis optic or NMO for short. The central nervous system is affected by this disease, just as MS is. In particular, NMO involves nerves in the eyes and spinal cord. When inflammation occurs in these nerve cells, the signals aren’t able to be transmitted in an efficient manner. The immune system is supposed to defend the body against infections and disease, but with neuromyelitis optica NMO this protective system is causing the sickness.

Since the nerves in the eyes are damaged, blindness may occur. When the spinal cord becomes inflamed, limb weakness, paralysis in the arms or legs, muscle spasms, loss of bowel or bladder control, and a lack of sensation anywhere in the body can all be experienced. Treating these symptoms can be done with an assortment of medications. Methylprednisolone and immunoglobulin can be administered intravenously and corticosteroids may also be prescribed.

These medications work differently for each person, so the outcome will also vary. Once the administration of drugs begins, people generally see at least some form of improvement within a few weeks. Partial recovery can occur and often there are minimal signs of disability connected to the disease. As the immune system begins attacking the neuromyelitis optica antibodies, initial treatment is an intravenous dose of glucocorticoids. If this medication doesn’t seem to be working, then the patient will receive cyclophosphamide to reduce the immune system’s reaction to the body. Another option is to try plasmapheresism, which involves drawing blood, removing the plasma and treating it, and then putting the plasma and the blood back into the patient.


Causes of Neuromyelitis Optica


Though signs and symptoms of Devic’s disease are very similar to those of MS, it is a rather rare disease. NMO not only requires different treatment options, but it is also caused by the immune system targeting a specific protein within the body. This protein is found in the cells of the nervous system and is known as aquaporin. It is responsible for aiding in the conduction of water through a cell’s membrane.

Individuals with a neuromyelitis optica diagnosis tend to have it on top of another type of disease, such as HIV, chicken pox, mono, autoantibody syndromes, an infection of some sort, or a collagen vascular disease. Occasionally, being exposed to antituberculosis or clioquinol drugs can also trigger Devic’s disease. Receiving a neuromyelitis optica treatment for Devic’s Syndrome is the best way to try to relieve a great many symptoms which arise with this disease.


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