Natural MS treatments are real and they do work. People have searched far and high for these treatments, all the while looking right at them. The issue isn’t that they are hard to find or are unknown. The problem is that people don’t believe that the existing ones work. This is because they don’t understand the disease or how the treatments work on it.

There’s no magical drug to make it go away, but natural treatments do in fact work.

Multiple sclerosis is the result of myelin breaking down. What’s myelin? Well, it’s the sheath of fatty tissue that coats the nerves in the human body. It allows the signals to travel properly between organs and the brain, allowing control and power for both.

When myelin breaks down (demyelination), the nerves’ signals break down. This means that organs have poor signals and not enough power to operate properly. This results in symptoms of failure, pain and lack of control over these organs. This is why MS is such a nuisance.

However, natural MS treatments target the symptoms and the cause at the same time (this is homeopathic medicine).


Applying natural MS treatments


Natural MS treatments take the form of dietary considerations and exercise routines primarily. Dietary plans include meals and menus planned by experienced dieticians working with MS experts. The foods in these diets provide significant amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals that target symptoms of MS directly.

A prime example of this is vitamin D, which milk provides readily. Vitamin D, at a highest enough level, reduces the demyelination and can even help to repair it. The fatty acids in milk can work with this to reinforce fatty tissues that break down in other parts of the body as well.

Other elements in foods are things like potassium, phosphors and an infinite list of other similar things.

Remember, before starting a dietary regime, consult your doctor and caregiver. These diets have to be planned around a specific patient’s metabolism, chemistry and symptoms with their MS.

Exercises are another part of this natural treatment. Yoga strengthens muscles in a non-stress way. The stronger and more stretched the muscles are, the less of a problem the weak signal becomes.

This is true for most organs, which is why low impact aerobics are very important for the strengthening of the lungs and heart.