While it is important that treatment begins quickly, it is unlikely that your physician will begin your treatment with natural MS treatments currently shown to be effective. Usually, the initial diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis will come from a medical doctor. The conventional medical community will likely begin you on a pharmaceutical therapy of some sort. And you should be prepared for this. But you should also be aware that there are a multitude of natural MS treatments that can be just as effective that you will probably need to explore on your own.


Conventional medicine is not usually friendly to the natural and alternative MS treatments


Most doctors will work with you if you insist that you want to pursue one of the natural MS treatments you are interested in, but it is up to you to begin the conversation. The establishment medical community is not motivated to lead you down this path. They cite the lack of clinical trials and are not usually very educated on these methods, so they want to stay on their comfort zone. They are bombarded by the pharmaceutical industry to get you on one of the FDA approved drugs. Their education is based on double-blind clinical studies and research. Their peers may even pressure them from straying from the conventional path.

That is to be expected and is not necessarily bad. But if your doctor is unwilling to help you explore these alternative natural MS treatments, you should consider finding a more open-minded doctor. New research shows that there are many new natural MS treatments for MS that are doing more to help people than even the conventional methods.


Food and Diet play a role


While there is no “MS diet” that works for everyone, it has been shown that diets high in saturated fats and low in Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 make symptoms last longer and can actually increase the time between relapses.

Diet modification and nutritional supplementation are among the natural MS treatments you can begin right away while still on your doctor’s conventional therapy. Increase your Vitamin B12 and D intake and increase your intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are found in fish and in certain seeds and oils.  Decrease your red and white meat and try to eliminate dairy as much as possible. There is a lot more you can research on your own about the role of diet and nutrition as one of your natural MS treatments and your doctor can help you make sure you are still getting essential nutrition for your health.


Other natural MS treatments to investigate


While they don’t work for everyone, some other treatments you should try are Yoga, Acupuncture, and tai chi to help keep your muscles strong and your body limber.  Spasticity can be delayed with these natural MS treatments and routines.

Massage Therapy can help you with stress and depression.  Anxiety will make symptoms worse, and anything you can do to relieve it is sure to be helpful.

Just be aware that there are literally thousands of MS patients who have found natural MS treatments that have actually replaced all drugs and other conventional therapy and are living lives completely free of symptoms.  Don’t overlook these important options in your lifelong fight with MS.