The Natl MS Society is solely a nonprofit organization which consists of a large group of individuals who are set on making the world a better place by ridding it of Multiple Sclerosis. This is an impossible feat for one person to do. However, this organization is made up of thousands upon thousands of volunteers and dedicated staff members throughout the world. Most countries have an MS society of their very own and larger cities tend to have more than one outlet for people to go to.

These individual branches are each equipped with resources to help people understand more about MS and not to become frustrated or feel so alone in their stand against the disease. The loaning equipment is also possibility through the National MS Society or its chapters. MS can be a severely debilitating disease and limited mobility takes away the freedom of an individual. One way around this lack of mobility is to supplement daily living with various forms of equipment. This might include a walker, wheelchair, elevated bed, or chair lift, as well as any additional aids needed.


Getting Involved with the National MS Society


Anyone can become a volunteer for the National MS Society. They welcome help with open arms and always have plenty to do. You can join fundraising events, such as the Bike MS, Walk MS, Challenge Walk, or any selection of community events. These events don’t take place in one location at a time. There are instances where the same event is being hosted in multiple cities at once.

It’s a feasible task for you to volunteer to run a support group, a community luncheon welcoming new members and volunteers, or to simply offer your skills in an area the MS Society can utilize. There are hundreds of ways you can make a difference in the lives of people with MS, as well as in the lives of their loved ones and caregivers.

Some MS issues need to be made a national priority and the only way to do that is to take action. As a volunteer, you’ll be able to contact public officials about current issues that need attention and become an activist for people with Multiple Sclerosis. Entire businesses and corporations can also get involved with the volunteering effort. Instead of volunteering on your own, see if your place of business would like to become a partner with the National MS Society. Hundreds of companies have banded together with the Natl MS Society to initiate change in the lives of people with MS and everyone around them.


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