The ultimate goal of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is to eradicate the world of MS. While this goal is a desirable one, it isn’t able to be achieved overnight. There are many steps involved with reaching this goal and it will take a collaborative effort from people of all walks of life. What the National MS Society is capable of doing is raising awareness of MS and help those who already have it.

Working on prevention of the disease and providing support for those recently diagnosed are on the list of things to do for the National MS Society. Staff members and volunteers concentrate on being a sounding board for those frustrated by the difficulty of daily living MS has created and getting even the smallest community involved. Caring individuals donate their precious time to host awareness events, fundraisers, and to assist in any way imaginable.


About the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada


Founded in 1948, the MS Society of Canada has more than 120 chapters and 28,000 members. The number of volunteers associated with this organization grows annually. It’s the dedication of such individuals that make fundraisers, service programs, social action events, and campaigns for awareness a huge success.

Toronto, Ontario is the location of the head office and divisions are located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Regina, Dartmouth, and Montreal. The MS Society of Canada is the only organization utilizing the help of volunteers to provide services and MS research. They offer these two services not only to people with MS, but also to their families. This Multiple Sclerosis Society receives some funding from the government and the rest is all through donations and fundraisers.


Info on the Multiple Sclerosis Society of America


Volunteers interested in helping to raise awareness about MS, participate in fundraising events, or be part of a support group can contact the MS Society of America at any time. The headquarters are located in New Jersey, but there are a number of smaller offices covering the entire United States. The Multiple Sclerosis Society branch in any state is able to contribute vast amounts of information to the public about MS.

Programs, services, popular subjects about MS in the news, publications, and even sharing educational videos on Multiple Sclerosis are all possible through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society or any MS Society around the world. These organizations are set up to help people with MS have a brighter outlook on life, as well as receive what they need to maintain quality living, no matter how much their MS has progressed.


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