Joining a National MS Society walk is a magnificent way to raise awareness and increase the amount of funds coming in to the MS Society for continuing research. There is always a need for research money, since searching for a cure for MS doesn’t come cheap. Walk MS is a movement designed to bring people together for a similar purpose; to fight MS.

To join in on a walk, you can visit the website and find out where the nearest location is to you. A map is provided on the National MS Society’s website. Clicking on one of the ten regions will take you to a new map which has zoomed in on the region you chose. On this new map, places were an MS Walk is taking place will have an orange square next to them. Once the orange square of choice is clicked on, an information bubble appears with the location, start date, and end date of the walk. If there is an additional website for the event, then a link to it will also be inside this info bubble.

People who want to show their support during a National MS walk can always sponsor a walker if they aren’t able to walk on their own.


The National MS Society Scholarship Program


The scholarship program through the National MS Society can be used by college-age students who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or who have a parent with MS. No one should have to put off education because of a disease.

This educational program started in 2003 and has grown by leaps and bounds. The first year the program was in place, it gathered a total amount of 68 thousand dollars which was distributed to 36 individuals. By 2011, the collection had grown to more than 1 million dollars and 639 individuals were able to utilize these funds. Donations are the main source of funds for the scholarship program.


The Purpose of the National MS Association


The National Multiple Sclerosis Association was established to help individuals fighting MS. National MS awareness greatly increases the number of people who know about this disease and how devastating it can be. A National MS Society program is in place for nearly every aspect of living with MS. From getting equipment to improve the quality of life to monitoring progression of MS through an MRI, the MS Association contributes an enormous amount to the MS community.

Whether you are joining a National MS Society walk, volunteering at a fundraiser, or applying for a job opening with the MS Society, you can make a difference in the lives of many.


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