Multiple Sclerosis magazines are set up in a similar way to most other magazines. There are pages of ads, editorials, and useful information. The main difference between MS magazines and others found on the store shelves is that they are geared towards the MS community. People who have MS aren’t the only ones who benefit from these magazines. Friends, family, caregivers, and anyone curious about MS can gain quite a lot from these publications.

Ads included in an MS mag might be for medications to combat MS symptoms, new equipment to enhance the lives of individuals who have lost mobility, or new supplements. There might be articles about special diet tips, exercises to maintain flexibility and increase mobility, or stories written by other individuals with MS. News about the latest fundraising activities through one or more of the popular MS organizations might also be found among the pages of a Multiple Sclerosis publication.

Some publications come in the form of E-magazines that can be enjoyed anywhere there’s an Internet connection or as a traditional printed publication which can be mailed right to a person’s home. When signing up for a magazine subscription, most companies also offer subscribers the chance to receive newsletters via email. These sometimes are produce weekly and have small blurbs about what’s new in the world of MS.


Subscribing to Magazines about MS


As with any magazine subscription, providing personal information is necessary. Some magazines are accessible via the Internet, which means only a name and email address is needed. However, to receive a magazine through the mail, a simple form generally needs to be filled out. Usually a name and address are all that is needed, unless there is a fee for the magazine. Some magazines want to know if you’ve been diagnosed with MS, how long you’ve been living with the disease, if you are on a specific type of drug therapy, or if you have a family member or friend with MS.

Becoming a member of a particular MS organization or website tends to entitle members to an automatic monthly, bi-monthly, or annual publication that comes in the mail or in the form of an email attachment. Most Multiple Sclerosis magazines for the MS community, and those who are interested in finding out more about Multiple Sclerosis, are free. Donations are always excepted, but not mandatory. MS magazines are an excellent way to become and stay informed about Multiple Sclerosis.