MS isn’t a disease to be trifled with. An early diagnosis is important for you to remain in good health. There are a few Multiple Sclerosis symptoms early signs to be aware of. Knowing what to look for will enable you to get the medical attention needed in time to prevent symptoms from becoming more severe. Additional complications can occur when MS symptoms are ignored.

Changes in vision or pain when moving the eyes about are extremely common warning signs of Multiple Sclerosis. If you should begin to experience either of these symptoms, visit your doctor as soon as possible. Optic neuritis is the source of eye pain or vision changes in an MS patient. Thankfully, this condition can be treated with medication to prevent it from worsening.

Additional early Multiple Sclerosis symptoms signs to know about are a loss of strength, a change in personality, difficulty breathing, loss of balance, or numbness and tingling. Any of these signs aren’t uncommon and shouldn’t be dismissed. Even though a number of illnesses and diseases have many of the same signs and symptoms as MS, it’s best to see a doctor to have a proper diagnosis performed.


Uncommon Signs of Multiple Sclerosis


It’s also helpful to be aware of some of the less common sign and symptoms of MS, such as slurred speech, feeling uncoordinated, not being able to think clearly, or experiencing any form of paralysis suddenly. Most of the warning signs of MS are caused because the myelin covering has been destroyed on nerves within the body. Hot, humid weather can aggravate MS since it causes damaged nerves to be less efficient when conducting electrical signals. While the excessive heat and moisture will aggravate MS, it won’t cause more damage to occur to damaged nerves within the body.

The area of the body where nerves are damaged will determine which early warning signs appear first. For instance, stripping the myelin off of the nerves sending signals to the brain will cause sensory messages to be disrupted. This is where the numbness and tingling come from. When the demyelination of nerves sending signals to muscles occurs, then muscle weakness and a lack of coordination are noticed.

Being conscious of many Multiple Sclerosis symptoms early signs will enable you to be aware when something isn’t right with your body. The sooner you see your doctor for an exam, the quicker you will be feeling better and get MS under control.


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