Multiple Sclerosis brings about many physical changes in a person’s life, with one of these being sex. Multiple Sclerosis sex issues aren’t uncommon. Besides 75 percent of the male population with MS experiencing erectile dysfunction, there are still other issues regarding intimacy. A decreased libido actually occurs more in women than men. With the majority of MS patients being women, this means there quite possibly are a lot of women experiencing sexual avoidance, due to their low libido.

Avoiding intimacy and sex all together is sometimes how MS patients try to deal with this changing in their love life. Some become less affectionate with loved ones out of embarrassment, while others make excuses to avoid any kind of physical contact. Either of these methods of handling a loss in the desire to engage in an intimate act can put an enormous strain on a relationship, no matter how many years it has been in effect. Couples often resort to counseling for answers in this particular area.

The partner of a person with MS could also experience a loss of libido, due to the increased strain of becoming the caregiver of the household. When role reversals take place, couples might not feel comfortable discussing it or they might turn to anger instead of dealing with the issue at hand. A loss of sexual arousal is another issue that could easily go both ways. The person with MS might have lost sensation, thus it’s nearly impossible to react to physical stimulus or the partner is unable to become aroused due to stress, strain, or because of another issue with MS and how it has affected their partner.


How to Alleviate Intimacy Problems MS Causes


Unfortunately, there’s no quick medicine to boost a person’s libido, despite popular belief. Counseling with a doctor, neurologist, or sex therapist might be necessary. Simply talking things over with a partner can work wonders too. Discuss what the conflict is, why it might be occurring, and devise ways to remedy the situation. Many patients with MS claimed to still be able to provide fulfillment of a partner, despite the lack of desire in them.

Maintaining a physical closeness with loved ones, even if the desire isn’t there, is critical to having a good relationship. Many couples are able to become closer to one another and find ways to be intimate that are different than before MS came into their lives. Multiple Sclerosis sex issues don’t have to cause a relationship to end or couples to drift apart. There are ways around these issues if both individuals are willing to try.


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