While no specific causes of multiple sclerosis seizures have been proven, there are many different speculations that researchers have for why they occur.  The biggest theory is that MS seizures are caused by the lesions that grow on the brain in the chronic neurological disease.  These lesions can disrupt signals that are transmitted through the brain, causing seizures.  The more lesions there are or the bigger the lesions are, the more seizures a person may have.  The seizures may also be more violent in nature.  An MRI can tell a medical professional if a patient has many lesions on their brain and how big they are, giving them an idea if they are going to be prone to seizures or not.

Another reason that seizures can occur in patients with multiple sclerosis is because their nervous system is damaged.  This damage is caused because of the process of demyelination.  This is when the myelin sheath that surrounds and protects nerves becomes damaged.  Because of this damage, various signals being transmitted around the body can be disrupted, and this can cause seizures.  These seizures tend to be fairly mild, but they still require medical attention and they can be very dangerous.  Anyone who experiences a seizure should seek immediate medical care.


Getting Preventative Care for MS Seizures


Most types of seizures can be prevented with prescription medications.  While there is always still the risk of having a seizure, the chances can be reduced by taking the medication regularly.  The typical medications taken to reduce the chances of having a seizure are anticonvulsants.  These medications are taken on a long term basis.  They typically have mild side effects, so they can be taken safely alongside other multiple sclerosis treatment medications.

Even though a person with multiple sclerosis may not experience seizures all throughout their disease, it is important to keep up with the preventative care.  This is because seizures may happen right before or during a flare up or a relapse.  This makes them unpredictable and dangerous as they could happen at any time, like when a person is driving.  Taking the right medications and checking in with a medical professional regularly will help to reduce the chances of having a seizure and ensure that any new problems with lesions or the nervous system can be spotted as early as possible.