The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre supplies UK residents with the latest news about MS research, emotional support, informative pamphlets, insurance services, an eNewsletter, and numerous ways to get involved with the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Center. They have an immeasurable collection of links for all sorts of MS resources and info, such as recipes, computer software and accessible technology, equipment and gadgets, accessible holidays, tai chi and yoga classes, and dietary supplements. They are truly an excellent MS resource hub for people diagnosed with MS, caregivers, or anyone who has a friend or family member with MS.

A 24-hour support line is available to anyone needing advice or just someone to talk to. Individuals looking for a great Multiple Sclerosis resource will find it within the MSRC. Chatting with other MS patients is also possible through the website for this organization, as well as sharing information, news, etc. with others via forum posts.


Groups under the MS Resource Centre


A branch of MSRC is located in Stone and goes by the name ‘SAMS’. This is a support group created for people diagnosed with MS, or caring for someone with MS, who happens to be living in the Staffordshire area. SAMS offers events all year long to support those with MS and raise awareness of this disease. Two events regularly held are gathering in the morning for coffee and having nightly meetings. Each month, the MS Café is held at the center, where a nurse who specializes in MS is available and anyone with computer difficulty can ask an expert for assistance. A quarterly MS Resource Centre newsletter is also available online and can be printed off to share with others.

The Best Bet Diet Group is a support group based in the UK for MS patients. The goal of the diet is to reduce the intake of food with molecular structures close to that of myelin. These foods are thought to trigger the autoimmune response which causes the body to attack nerve cells. A list of suspected foods is provided to inform MS patients as to which foods should be avoided. This Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre umbrella organization also lists supplements and the desired quantities each should be taken in to help reduce MS symptoms. A large selection of recipes, each within a main category, is an excellent resource for people with MS who are searching for healthy and helpful recipes. Monitoring one’s dietary needs in conjunction with alleviating MS symptoms is achievable through this helpful group.


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