Multiple Sclerosis research is important in order to offer hope to not only the currently diagnosed sufferers of this illness, but also to the individuals who may be diagnosed with it in the future. Without this crucial research, there would never have been the option of oral medications for MS, which was a relatively new addition. Before the discovery of fingolimod, all medications for this illness had to be administered via injection. Many people are not very comfortable with giving themselves injections, but most people are perfectly okay with taking an oral medication. Fingolimod became the very first oral drug for MS that was proven to slow the progression of this disease. This important breakthrough would not have happened without research taking place.

It was the Multiple Sclerosis research studies that were done on patients with MS that originally helped researches delve deeper into the use of MRIs.  Getting an MRI scan not only helps doctors and researchers to see how much damage has already been done and where the current active lesions are, but also to inform the professionals in question whether or not the MS medications are doing their jobs. When an MRI shows no change after a medication was done, the doctor can quickly prescribe a different type of a medication. The newest studies on MS also help individuals obtain different and more effective ways of alleviating symptoms. Without continued Multiple Sclerosis research news, many people diagnosed with this illness would be unable to have any positive thoughts about the future.


Locating a Multiple Sclerosis Research Center


Anybody who wants to help with this worthy goal can find a research center online. Most of these organizations exist in order to raise as much money as possible to fund the research for a cure. All donated funds in these cases do go to research, a 100 percent of them as most people who work in these foundations are volunteers because they want these monies to be donated to research. Many of these foundations are set up in the name of someone who was a sufferer of this illness and died due to it, while some can be set up by a loved one of a person who has MS in order to help find a cure. Examples of such centers include the Multiple Sclerosis Research Center of New York, the Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia, or a Multiple Sclerosis Research Institute located somewhere around the world.


Basic Info for a Multiple Sclerosis Research Paper


Many people wondering about how MS is contracted can be assured that it is impossible to get multiple sclerosis by contact with an existing patient. This disease is not transferred in any conventional way and can’t be contracted with contact with blood, saliva, or any other bodily fluid. This disease belongs to the class of autoimmune diseases which are described as diseases in which the immune system, which is usually supposed to protect the body from foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria, or other illness causing microorganisms, starts to inexplicably attack the nerve cells. Nobody currently knows why this occurs or what can be done to stop it from occurring with absolute certainty.

The myelin sheath of attacked nerve cells gets damaged. This particular outer covering of a cell is there to help these cells send and receive electrical impulses that the body and the brain use to communicate. As this sheath is damaged, these signals stop being effective and the body becomes helpless to function. An MRI can show the damage that is done to every nerve cell as scar tissue or lesions. These lesions are considered active if they are causing symptoms or dormant if they are not.

Multiple sclerosis research has discovered that lesions on the spinal cord affect muscle control. These lesions can cause the person who has MS to display the symptoms such as an inability to walk, a loss of bladder or bowel control, or muscle spasms. Lesions on the brain can cause the symptoms of, a loss of balance, as well as difficulties in cognitive thinking and speech to occur. However, there are many other symptoms possible.