When patients find out they have MS, their doctor almost instinctually turns to pharmaceutical Multiple Sclerosis remediesBut most MS patients can benefit from herbal MS remedies, even though those are sometimes referred to as Alternative Medicine.  There is nobody that will question the contribution made to modern MS management healthcare by prescription Multiple Sclerosis remedies, herbal and other natural alternatives are too often overlooked.

Almost all conventional medicine has been developed from plants or animals, it seems that many people think that unless their treatment comes from a prescription pad, it will be of little value.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


Herbal MS remedies take a different approach


Herbal medicine takes a holistic approach to health.  In other words, herbal medicines attempt to use the body’s own healing power to enhance overall wellness and healing.  Instead of targeting a specific symptom, herbal medicines attack the cause of the disease instead.  By eliminating the cause of the disease, its symptoms will disappear and the body can be left not only symptom free but disease free as well.  And the long history of herbal medicines that spans thousands of years, there are herbal remedies in existence for almost any ailment or disease in existence.  MS remedies are no exception.  In fact, many cases are documented where scientists have tested herbal remedies along with comparable pharmaceutical drugs and found them to be similar in effectiveness.  But there is more financial incentive to develop a drug that treats symptoms and requires continued use than to spend money researching an herbal remedy that may actually rid the body of an ailment and no longer be needed after a length of time.


Herbal remedies have a long history


Plants with medicinal properties have always been part of mankind’s healing rituals and remedies.  Even in the short history of the United States, more than 200 herbal medicines native to the Americas were at one time listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia.  And the most powerful and sacred of all the Native American plants with medicinal properties has also become America’s most destructive drug of abuse.  Chances are tobacco didn’t come to mind when reading that last statement, but that is, in fact, the truth.

Modern MS remedies are almost always pharmaceutical.  But since the foundation of Western Medicine was laid by herbal medicine (think Hippocrates) so should patients turn back to this foundation when seeking to treat their Multiple Sclerosis.  Remedies from the botanical world should be explored thoroughly both on your own and in conjunction with your doctor.  You will be surprised at the results.  But remember that today, most doctors get their information on MS remedies from the giant pharmaceutical industry, along with many other perks.  So don’t be surprised when natural herbal medicines are not the first thing they recommend.