Taking a Multiple Sclerosis quiz enables individuals to see just how much they know about this disease. This can also be a Do I have MS Quiz for those who are wondering if they might be experiencing symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. This disease is incurable and considered to be an autoimmune disease, due to the demyelination caused by the immune system. Nerve cells within the central nervous system are attacked by otherwise helpful white blood cells and the inflamed myelin sheath causes electrical signals to become less effective throughout the body. By not being able to successfully send the appropriate electrical transmissions through the brain and spinal cord, the rest of the body is affected by multiple symptoms.

Numerous quizzes on MS exist online. One example of a simple quiz is supplied Yale Medical Group with information gathered from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). This particular quiz poses multiple choice questions which can be answered and then submitted for a final score. Questions included on this quiz are perfect for anyone wishing to test his/her knowledge about Multiple Sclerosis. The quiz includes relatively basic questions covering topics such as the number of people with MS in the United States, which part of the central nervous system is affected by MS, what factors are probable causes of MS, and how the progression of MS occurs.


Leaning about Symptoms to Watch for from an MS Quiz


A myriad of knowledge can be gained from taking a Do I have Multiple Sclerosis quiz. Even a short quiz can enlighten an individual on the first signs of MS. It might also inspire the person to seek more information about MS symptoms, such as they can occur many years before a diagnosis is ever made. Or, it’s difficult to know whether the symptoms are associated with a temporary illness or infection instead of MS.

Early signs of the disease are tingling, numbness, blurred vision, weakness in the limbs, or loss of balance. Many of these symptoms are listed on a Multiple Sclerosis quiz, as well as some of the less common symptoms, such as cognitive difficulties, sudden paralysis of a limb, loss of coordination or slurred speech. These symptoms should certainly be checked by a doctor if they worsen or do not subside. Taking a Could I Have MS quiz might inspire people to learn more about this disease and decide they want to help in any way possible. Taking a Do I Have MS quiz could lead to early diagnosis for many people who would otherwise brush off potentially serious signs of MS.