Multiple Sclerosis Provigil treatment is a new approach. Traditional MS drug therapies were all immunosuppressives.  These drugs attempt to slow the progression of MS, but don’t help much with the symptoms.  New regimens for MS, Provigil included amongst them, show signs of relieving the symptoms that so often degrade the quality of life for MS patients.

Not developed for Multiple Sclerosis, Provigil was originally formulated to treat narcolepsy.  But recent clinical trials are trying to quantify the effect that lower doses of the drug might improve the quality of sleep for MS patients and therefore reduce daytime fatigue.  Fatigue is usually one of the more troubling symptoms for MS patients.  It’s hard to live your life being constantly tired.  There is no real way to measure fatigue, but it remains one of the most commonly reported symptoms in MS patients.  So if you are battling fatigue as one of your symptoms with Multiple Sclerosis, Provigil should at least be considered.


Experts and MS patients still argue efficacy of MS Provigil treatment


Fatigue management is based on evaluations of characteristics and consequences.  Also part of the argument is what exactly contributes to fatigue.  Medications, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition can all contribute.  So while MS Provigil treatment may help with daytime alertness, it is not certain that aerobic exercise and changes to the diet may be just as effective.  And just as many patients report no positive effect at all from adding Provigil to their regimen.  So if you are reluctant to add another medication to the ever growing list that you are taking already, you should discuss the possibilities with your doctor and see if modifying your diet and adding some exercise, if you are able, may be a better alternative for you than popping yet another pill.


User reviews mostly positive


Although not scientific, there is lots of anecdotal evidence that suggests patient satisfaction.  A lot of the users report feeling a caffeine or amphetamine –like lift without a feeling of being high.  They say that taking their Multiple Sclerosis Provigil treatment after waking up provides them with new found energy that lasts throughout the day.  It makes them feel like their “old self again”.  And most of these reports come surprisingly from patients taking a relatively low dose of 100 to 200 mg a day.  And these patients say that while providing energy through the day, it doesn’t seem to interfere with their nighttime sleep.