Multiple Sclerosis Occurrence happens when the myelin, the protective sheath over the nerves, is attacked by the body’s immune system and gets destroyed. Myelin helps and speeds the transfer of signals from the brain to the nerves. When the myelin is damaged, the signals get slower. This causes the nerves to eventually wither away. Some form of regeneration does happen, but invariably, it is insufficient, or often does not find the appropriate muscle mass. When the nerves are damaged due to the loss of myelin, the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis starts appearing. In advanced cases, it leads to disability.


Causes for Multiple Sclerosis Occurrence


There have been many theories put forward for Multiple Sclerosis Occurrence, but the exact cause remains elusive. One theory suggests that people who have MS have been infected with a very common pathogen. The immune systems they develop as a consequence, is reactive to myelin and eventually, their immune system will launch an attack against themselves in the form of a Multiple Sclerosis Occurrence. Another theory that has been put forward is that it occurs primarily in places where there is less sunlight; pointing to a vitamin D deficiency in the affected people. This environmental factor may not be the cause, but a prime trigger. Another popular theory is to do with diet. It has been found to be less prevalent in the coastal regions, even in countries where Multiple Sclerosis Occurrence is high. People in coastal regions consume more fish, and fish is high in vitamin D3 and Omega 3. Other studies show a prevalence of this disease where the consumption of dairy products is high.


Genetics and Multiple Sclerosis Occurrence


It is clear that the genetic disposition of the person plays an important role in this disease. But in terms of the treatment and support, it does not matter. It is equally serious for a person of one genetic makeup as for another. Once the genetic component of MS is isolated, it will pave the way for identifying the cause, better treatment and even ways of preventing Multiple Sclerosis. The research is on to find a cure and prevention for this disease. Till then the best approach is to handle the symptoms in the best possible way. This can include medications and alternate treatments.