MS is a progressive disease, meaning that it gets worse over time.  Multiple Sclerosis Novantrone is a drug on the market that is designed to help slow down the progress of multiple sclerosis and to help keep relapses from occurring as often.  While there is no cure for MS at this time, this drug is very useful in slowing down the progression of the disease.  This drug works by suppressing the immune system.  This tells the disease to stop attacking certain nerves in the body, leading to slower disease progression and less symptoms.  It also helps to prevent the formation of new lesions in the brain.  Multiple sclerosis novantrone is most helpful in the first stages of the disease, such as the relapsing-remitting stage and the progressive-relapsing stage.  Starting novantrone at the start of the disease can help it to stay in a remissive stage longer.

Novantrone is administered by an intravenous or I.V. tube, similar to other prescription medications for multiple sclerosis.  It is typically administered once every three months.  This ensures that the drug is kept active in the body, fighting the disease.  Multiple sclerosis novantrone is typically only used for two to three years due to possible problems or side effects.


Side Effects To Look For With Multiple Sclerosis Novantrone


As with other multiple sclerosis drugs, novantrone has a variety of side effects that can be experienced.  The effects experienced and their severity will vary from person to person.  Many of the side effects are mild, and it is worth dealing with the small side effects to get the benefits of the medication.  However, some side effects can be serious and should be reported to a medical professional immediately.  Some mild side effects can include nausea, menstrual irregularities in women with MS, hair loss, and discolored urine.  These symptoms typically clear up on their own during the course of the treatment.  Serious side effects can include fever, vomiting, pain or redness at the injection site, uneven or rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath.  These symptoms should be immediately reported to a medical professional, as they could be a sign of a serious reaction to the medication.

Novantrone is a drug that limits the ability of the immune system to work.  This means that people who are receiving this drug are more susceptible to general infections, including colds, flus, and other common illnesses.  These infections can become serious if they are not treated.  People using novantrone should get vaccinations against disease regularly in order to protect themselves from things like the flu and pneumonia.