Due to the fact that the brain and spinal cord are the Multiple Sclerosis nerves affected most of all, the entire body suffers. The immune system attacks these MS nerves and strips them of their outer coating, called myelin. Without this sheath, nerves don’t function as they should. Myelin is made up of lipids, water, and proteins, all of which are able to be broken down by the body’s immune system.

Usually the immune system attacks foreign substances, not internal components required to make the body function normally. A combination of infection, environmental factors, and also genetics can cause the immune system to retaliate against the nerves, causing demyelination. The removal of the myelin sheath on nerves takes place in many illnesses, so it can be difficult to diagnose MS right away. However, the Multiple Sclerosis nerves affected most are in the spinal cord and brain.

When the MS nerves inside the brain or spinal cord undergo demyelination, a person can experience any of the following symptoms; numbness, tingling, blurred or hazy eyesight, weak limbs, or loss of balance. Sometimes these symptoms arrive in multiples and all of them are early signs of Multiple Sclerosis. Slurred speech, trouble thinking clearly, paralysis of limbs, and also a lack of coordination are additional symptoms MS patients have reported, though these aren’t as common.

Treatment for MS Needs to Take Place Immediately


If left untreated, MS can cause more extreme symptoms to occur, such as muscle spasms, sensitivity to heat, dizziness, difficulty swallowing, the inability to walk easily, and tremors. A number of treatments are available, each depending on the stage of MS being treated. The first step in treating this disease is to take care of the overactive immune system, since it is this that is causing the nerve damage in the first place.

Beginning treatments right away will help you to resume a normal way of life. Not all damage to nerves is permanent. Many of them heal themselves after only minor damage is done. If the body’s immune system continues to attack the MS nerves in the brain and spinal cord, this is when additional MS symptoms occur. Protecting the Multiple Sclerosis nerves in the spinal cord and brain as soon as possible will prevent further damage and help you lead a normal life.