People with MS can help nerve functions with some Multiple Sclerosis vitamins that can be purchased at most pharmacies. These aren’t expensive or fancy MS vitamins that are hard to find; they are accessible to everyone. Being aware of these daily supplements is beneficial for all MS patients, no matter how much their disease has progressed. Since Multiple Sclerosis affects the nerves of the brain and spine, the best suited vitamins are A, D, DHA, and B12. It’s also helpful to eliminate gluten from the diet.

Cod liver oil is an excellent source of A, D, and DHA and this comes in both liquid and capsule varieties. The type of vitamin B12 that helps the most is the methylcobalamin form that is found in the brain. To help the body absorb B12 better, probiotics can be taken. Probiotics consist of good bacteria found in yogurt, cheese, chocolate, and some types of bread. These can also be obtained by taking an acidophilus supplement.


 Ways Certain Vitamins have Helped MS Patients


Vitamin D taken in high doses has shown to prevent relapses from occurring as often. The typical dose of vitamin D recommended is around 1,000 IU daily. Upping the dose to a number closer to 14,000 IU proved to be a smart move. The amount of relapses noted in one study dropped significantly. There also weren’t any side effects reported with the much higher dose of vitamin D. MS is an autoimmune disease and vitamin D helps to overpower the body’s responses that cause Multiple Sclerosis in the first place.

Calcium and magnesium will help the body utilize the vitamin D and aid in nerve impulse transmission. Cod liver oil and other types of fish or omega-3 oils help lower the body’s inflammatory response. Fish oil of any kind is necessary for the making of myelin, which is much needed by people with MS. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to enhance the immune system’s response and it also slows the degenerative process down. This vitamin is best used by the body when taken in conjunction with fish oil products.

Multiple Sclerosis vitamins help to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, improve nerve signals throughout the body, and reduce fatigue. It’s best to talk to your doctor about taking any of these MS vitamins before deciding to add them to your daily regimen. A doctor should be able to help you decide on the proper doses for your needs.