Upon diagnosis of MS, many individuals begin thinking about what the future may hold. Specific Multiple Sclerosis jobs aren’t commonly discussed during the beginning stages of MS. It is possible to alter some jobs so an individual may continue working as long as possible, but sometimes a current career needs to be abandoned for something more conducive to the condition of the person with MS. Putting a career on hold isn’t necessary, unless all other options have been exhausted.

Depending on the stage and severity of the disease, many employers will work with an employee to see how the job can be adjusted. Allowing an individual with MS to continue working prevents employers from having to find a replacement worker and helps the employee continue to have fund necessary for living. Hours may need to be shortened, the type of work might need to be shared with other staff members, or assistive equipment may need to be put in place.

If a current job is lost, due to MS, health care facilities and government agencies are available to assist with vocational rehabilitation. This is a service provided to individuals who can no longer work in a specific field, due to a physical change beyond their control. People going through voc rehab will be assessed to see where their skills can be utilized and if MS will get in the way of the new job.

The employer at the new job is also notified as to the severity of the disease and the limitations of the individual with MS. Expectations are decided upon up front and any adjustments that might need to be made in the future are discussed. It is possible to find work to accommodate just about any stage of MS.


Jobs for those Wishing to Volunteer


Multiple Sclerosis Jobs for people who wish to work with the MS community are available all the time. These jobs don’t generally pay in cash, since most MS organizations are non-profit. However, they are rewarding in ways beyond monetary means. Assisting individuals who need emotional support or a way to locate assistive equipment to make daily tasks easier to complete gives most people a good feeling and a sense of accomplishment. These same organizations also need help getting fundraisers going, so as to bring in as many donations as quick as possible to keep things running smoothly. The non-profit aspect of MS organizations can have a downside, but the large numbers of caring volunteers more than makes up for it.