There are many different multiple sclerosis organizations and societies all over the world that can provide information and support to patients and families.  The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation is an organization that links different organizations from different nations.  This helps them to connect with each other in order to exchange information and resources.  While the foundation is based in London, their website is available worldwide, and they focus on global research that will be available to everyone who is afflicted with multiple sclerosis.  The goal of the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation is to eventually find a cure for  MS.

The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation has links to the many different societies that are located around the world.  This can be very helpful to anyone who is looking for a local organization near them that is supported by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation.  They can easily use a map and the drop down menu to select their country to see which societies are available, how big they are, and how to contact them.  They also offer different links to other online only multiple sclerosis support websites, which can be helpful to patients, their families and loved ones, and even their caregivers.


Information On The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation Website


The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation website features a lot of information for patients, families, caregivers, and even medical professional.  Information about the disease is in the “about MS” section of the website.  Here, people can find all kinds of information about the disease, including possible causes, symptoms of the disease, treatment options for different stages, the progression the disease can take, and more.  This is important information for both people diagnosed with the disease and for the people who treat the disease as well.  It can also be useful to caregivers and family members of people who are living with multiple sclerosis.

The research tab on the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation website can also provide a lot of information to a variety of different people.  Medical professionals can use this area to look at what types of research are currently going on in the multiple sclerosis field.  This can help them to understand what types of new treatments are being researched and if there are any clinical trials going on that their patients may qualify for.  For patients, the section also includes any research opportunities that are going on that they may be able to participate in.  This can help them get access to new and innovative treatments that can possibly help them deal with symptoms.