An exciting new multiple sclerosis discovery was announced recently. This MS discovery was a new type of a drug to battle this devastating disease. Even though this particular drug has not been approved by the FDA yet, it is still hoped by many that this drug will prove instrumental in changing the way MS patients of today and of the future are treated. It is very challenging to live with MS and all people who have this disease want to return to living their life as they did before they were diagnosed with this illness.

The new drug currently being studied is Laquinimod. The main reason why this drug is revolutionary than the ones being used to treat multiple sclerosis patients today is that it is administered orally. Majority of other medications used by MS patients must be given via an injection which can be distinctly unpleasant. The only other drug to be approved by the FDA and taken orally is Fingolimod. Laquinimod can slow down the progression of MS and has been proven to be well tolerated by most patients, both of which are two points that are getting many people excited about this


Laquinimod Shows Great Potential


Laquinimod is turning out to be a great alternative treatment for a lot of people with Multiple Sclerosis. As an oral medicine, it is not only convenient but also highly beneficial because it works as well as other MS drugs, and has, in fact, been shown to have some distinct advantages over some other current and experimental drugs. Unfortunately, it does not seem likely that this drug will be approved by the FDA until 2012 or even 2013. The studies performed on this drug have so far involved a small number of people but there are hopes that larger trials can be undertaken if the pharmaceutical industry can get this new drug approved by the FDA.

There is a very high potential that this new drug can prove to be revolutionary for multiple sclerosis patients as slowing down the speed at which this disease progresses is key in order to prevent patients becoming disabled and requiring a lot of outside assistance in order to live some semblance of a normal life. Recently diagnosed patients with MS are most likely to be given the initial treatment of laquinimod.

There is an additional study on this new MS discovery that has nothing to do with the MS Discovery Cruise Ship. The results of this particular research will most likely help the FDA approve laquinimod for MS patients. This particular drug and the current data collected on this new Multiple Sclerosis discovery does show a lot of promise when it comes to combating this disease.