It is very important to remember to follow the directions in a Multiple Sclerosis diet as carefully as possible. The reason for this is that the requirements in a Multiple Sclerosis diet book are designed to work on the nutritional values that the MS patients have in order to be as healthy as possible. It is very important to understand that the multiple sclerosis diet recipes are created in such a way to boost the immune system and to help the patient alter how they eat in order to have the most benefit from the food that they intake. This type of Multiple sclerosis diet therapy will list what foods to avoid as well the specific ingredients and portions of foods to include.

The purpose of this type of a diet and the changes to daily life of a patient is to establish a kind of a routine that works with the body to help the patient maintain as much as possible their natural flexibility as strength. This difficult ailment can’t be cured but with the right food and the right exercise routine, as well as a Multiple Sclerosis diet plan, this particular ailment can be controlled and slowed down as much as possible.


The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book by Dr Swank


The key thing to keep in mind about Multiple Sclerosis diet nutrition is that what a person eats is important in how that person feels. This is why such a nutritional plan is created to allow for a great deal of choices to cater to individual cultural and preferential taste as well as benefit the body of the patient and their MS symptoms. The Swank MS diet is one of the most flexible plans out there and is not created to stress a patient’s already well stressed wallet but is created keeping the patient’s wellbeing in mind and how eating right can affect the way a person feels.

This particular low fat diet was created by Dr. Roy Swank, and introduced for the first time in 1948. A trial where 144 patients were watched for 34 years was conducted and the findings were revolutionary. All the patients who subscribed to such a diet plan found that over the entire span of 34 years their symptoms were managed easier and the progression of their disease was halted or even stopped. Alternatively, the patients who were not placed on this particular nutritional plan found that their condition progressively got worse and worse.

Some of the key features of the Multiple Sclerosis diet recipes included getting rid of saturated fats. In order to prepare the patient for this diet all consumption of red meat is halted for the first year and in the years following red meat consumption is allowed only at the rate of 3 ounces per week. Other limitations of this diet are in the area of dairy, which can’t contain more than 15 grams of saturated fat, or 1 percent butterfat, or 20 to 50 grams of unsaturated fat. However, other dairy products as well as wheat and gluten are not limited at all. Another key feature of a Multiple Sclerosis diet is a supplement containing omega-3 taken daily.