There are certain Multiple Sclerosis cures not widely known. One of the recent possible MS cures was developed as a result of studies performed by an Italian doctor. Dr Zamboni found what appears to be a connection between CCSVI the occurrence of MS. His research indicated CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis patients is treatable and the result provides relief from symptoms. In the study performed, 65 individuals underwent an operation to alleviate CCSVI and of that group, 73 percent no longer had MS symptoms after 2 years.

Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency is a condition that causes oxygen-depleted blood to remain in the brain and spine, instead of returning to the heart for more oxygen. Diagnosis of CCSVI is usually made with the help of a specialized ultrasound of the veins in various parts of the head and neck. Only 2 of the 5 criteria must be present for the doctors to diagnose the condition. The high resolution image produced by the ultrasound is studied for signs of narrowing or deformity in the main veins of the central nervous system. Most signs of reduced blood flow through these veins tend to point to CCSVI.

There are certain factors which need to be considered in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis of CCSVI. The factors in question are the types of narrowing seen in veins and the technology and training used to detect these constrictions.


Role of Vitamin D in Preventing MS


Vitamin D may be crucial when it comes to helping patients with symptoms of MS. In simplified, terms, Multiple Sclerosis and vitamin D appear to almost balance each other out, because MS is an autoimmune disease and vitamin D boosts the immune system. In fact, not only does vitamin D improve the immune system, but it also promotes cellular differentiation, reduces inflammation, and helps lower the number of relapses MS patients go through. Some research suggests taking a supplement of vitamin D might help to prevent Multiple Sclerosis from occurring in the first place.

Research into vitamin D supplements as one of the new Multiple Sclerosis cures suggests the environment plays a significant role in the presence of MS. Vitamin D is gained from the environment and a lack of sunshine lowers the amount of vitamin D produce within the body. While it is true that enjoying some sunshine each day adds at least a small amount of vitamin D to a person’s system, it is important to understand that environmental factors aren’t the only ones responsible for Multiple Sclerosis, and that the genetic makeup of a person must also be considered.

Taking a vitamin D supplement can help MS patients obtain the proper dose to reduce symptoms associated with MS. The average recommended dose for a healthy person tends to be around 1,000 IU. In order for this vitamin to be considered helpful to MS patients, the dose should be around 14,000 IU. In some cases, some researchers looking for MS cures have even boosted the levels up to as high as 40,000 IU for a short period of time with much success in helping MS patients.


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