A number of large cities hold a Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week to teach others about MS. This special week takes place during Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, which happens to be the entire month of March. During March, communities gather together to promote awareness of this autoimmune disease to educate those interested in learning more about it. Fundraising events take place to gather donations to go towards MS research, obtaining assistive equipment for individuals in need, and to further promote awareness of MS.

Anyone can join in on fundraising or community events and volunteers are always welcome. The more volunteers available, the easier it is to make things happen at an effective pace and in a smooth manner. Numerous individuals with MS have been helped by the events that take place during MS week and month. If you are interested in joining the cause, contact the local MS chapter near you to see what activities are being planned during March or any time of year. Promoting awareness of MS doesn’t solely have to take place in March. There is always a need to break down any barriers present in the minds of individuals uneducated about MS.


Additional Events for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness


Having access to the internet allows people to take webinars or sign up for the lending library that can be utilized year around. Programs for children teach kids about MS in a way they can understand it. Parents who have MS can also partake in kids programs designed to help parents teach their children about the disease. Sometimes it’s difficult for a parent to tell a child about an incurable disease that directly affects the family and the changes to be expected.

Actually, any event can be used to promote awareness of MS. Communities can rally together and have dinners, cookouts, basketball games, concerts, cake walks, a dunk booth, carnival, open mic night, talent show, fishing tournament, etc. People can purchase bracelets, ribbons, or other jewelry, host an educational video night, host an art show, or invite medical professionals or people who have MS to speak.

Larger towns across the nation host Bike MS and Walk MS which are two fantastic fundraising events enjoyed by thousands of people during Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week and various times of the year. Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month is a time to be active in raising awareness about MS, in hopes to completely eradicate it in the near future.