Multiple Sclerosis alternative treatments are many and varied. But why do patients choose to go the route of an MS alterative treatment? It is usually because the disease modifying treatment or therapy they are on is not giving them the quality of life they desire. The quality of your life is what makes it worth living in the first place. So especially if you catch the disease in the early stages, you should seek out one of the many Multiple Sclerosis alternative treatments available to see what it does to improve your life.

This doesn’t mean you should just stop going to your doctor and abandon any pharmaceutical therapy you are currently on. Rather, you should ask yourself which one or two symptoms occurring on either a constant basis or just during relapse causes you the most difficulty or interferes with your normal routine the most and see what you can do about those. Many of the MS alternative treatment options don’t cost much, if anything more. Diet modification is an example of that. You have to eat anyway, so simply changing what you buy to prepare your meals is not really an additional expense. And the benefits may surprise you. The testimonials are plentiful.


Multiple Sclerosis alternative therapy is a little different than MS alternative treatment.


The difference is a subtle one but is there nonetheless. One example of this is Music Therapy. Nobody is going to claim that music is a treatment, but it can provide relief. Music therapy is not one of the Multiple Sclerosis alternative treatments but it can restore or improve the physical and emotional self. But there is research to show that specific rhythms, tones, and beats are useful as therapy. There are even a few studies to support the notion that spasticity and pain can be relieved with music therapy. And rhythm has been known to positively influence balance and coordination. If it doesn’t work for you, what have you lost? This is one example of a MS alternative treatment that is essentially free except for some time invested in it.

Art therapy is another example of a low cost therapy. Again, this is not an MS alternative treatment in that it will directly relieve a specific symptom but it has been shown that making art of any form improves people’s emotional and mental well-being.  It doesn’t matter if you have any real artistic ability or not. Even children can express emotions and thoughts, thereby relieving stress by drawing crude pictures of things that they cannot express in words. Whole fields of psychology exist that study what a child’s drawing means. Abused children often use art to release emotions pent up from years of abuse so it is easy to see how this therapy might be useful in conjunction with other forms of Multiple Sclerosis alternative treatments and conventional medicine.

This is not an exhaustive list. There are many other therapies that will compliment your Multiple Sclerosis alternative treatments. And just like no single MS alternative will work by itself, the same goes for Multiple Sclerosis alternative therapy. Others you can try include dance therapy, aromatherapy, writing therapy. Even if they don’t end up helping you they just may put a little more fu into your life.