MS patients are often desperate for MS treatment drugs or MS treatment breakthrough ideas.  Somewhere around 350,000 to 400,000 people suffer from MS in the U.S. alone.  Sometimes these people are diagnosed in their 20’s or 30’s and after living with the life-changing disease for decades become desperate for new and sometimes unproven MS Treatment Drugs or MS Treatment Breakthrough promises to the point of traveling to other countries seeking treatments they can’t get in the United States.  They are desperate for some level of quality of life.  One of these new MS treatment breakthrough ideas being touted loudly is venoplasty.  It’s an experimental treatment, not allowed in the U.S.  It’s used for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency – or CCSVI.  And people are flocking south of the border or to some European countries for the controversial procedure


Not one of the new MS Treatment Drugs


There have been new approved MS treatment drugs in the last couple years that many in the community do consider to be an MS Treatment Breakthrough.  Oral medications that offer similar results as drugs previously only available as injections or with IV infusion comes to mind.  But venoplasty is different – and controversial.

During the procedure, dye is injected into the jugular vein to highlight narrowed areas.  Once the narrowed area is found a balloon is inflated in the vein to improve the flow of blood to the heart from the vein.  Anecdotal evidence has 70 – 80% of patients undergoing this procedure showing immediate improvement.  The procedure is not unlike angioplasty except that it is done in a vein and not an artery.  Some people have started to refer to this as Liberation Treatment.  But is it an MS Treatment Breakthrough?  Many people think not.  And there have been deaths reported with the treatment in Mexico.


Is it a conspiracy?


The rhetoric is getting hot and heavy both among advocates and skeptics if the treatment.  Some say it is a conspiracy amongst the “Big Pharma” industry to keep a simple procedure off the market that would siphon off the billions of dollars in revenue that MS drugs generate every year.  The fact is there is just not enough known about it and some controlled studies may clear things up.  But while MS might understandably have people desperate, most think it unadvisable to travel abroad, and spend money on an unproven procedure.

Here’s some food for thought.  Look into some of the breakthroughs that have come about in the field of nutrition and diet as it relates to MS.  It is known that Vitamin D, for example, helps to unclog arteries.  Maybe an increase of Vitamin D in the diet could help accomplish the same thing.  It certainly isn’t as dangerous.  Be careful out there.  Lots of people have tried unconventional treatment for cancer.  Mostly all that was accomplished was disappointment.