People who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis will have many different symptoms that will occur at different periods during the course of the disease.  Using MS Tegretol, a prescription medication, can help to treat some of the different symptoms related to multiple sclerosis.  Tegretol, the brand name for a medication called carbamazepine, is most often used to treat the specific shocking pain associated with MS, particularly in the facial area.  MS Tegretol is classified as an anti-convulsant, so it works by helping to stop the painful tics and spasms that occur in the body when it is afflicted with multiple sclerosis.  It works by regulating the nervous system to reduce these painful attacks.  This prescription medication can also be used to help with bladder control at later stages in the disease, when tics or convulsions can cause incontinence.  Tegretol is often considered one of the best and most effective drugs to use when treating multiple sclerosis, so it is commonly tried as one of the first treatment options for someone who has received a MS diagnosis.

MS Tegretol is not a cure for multiple sclerosis, and it may not work for everyone.  It also will not help with all the symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis.  For this reason, Tegretol can be paired with other prescription medications to help manage a wider variety of symptoms.  It is important to talk to a health professional about Tegretol and what other medications can be taken with this drug to avoid harmful or dangerous medication interactions.


Side Effects Associated With MS Tegretol


Like other prescription drugs, Tegretol has some side effects that some people may experience.  Some of the more common side effects include nausea, fatigue, vertigo, headache, and dry mouth.  These side effects may go away on their own, and they are not very serious.  However, Tegretol does have some serious side effects that can occur.  These include changes in insulin levels, blood count abnormalities, kidney problems, and liver problems.  Because of these possible side effects, people taking Tegretol will likely be monitored regularly to be sure that they are not experiencing any of these medical problems or side effects.

Side effects should be noted if they are experienced, and discussed with a medical professional.  There are other drugs on the market that are similar to Tegretol that can be used to treat similar symptoms of multiple sclerosis.  If the side effects become dangerous or too overwhelming, switching to another medication can be beneficial.