One of the quickest ways to get a glimpse into what living with MS might entail is to visit an MS store. A multiple sclerosis store is, essentially, an online e-commerce site that sells products that cater to consumers living with MS. That said, an MS store does not have to be an entire website. An e-commerce site with a wide range products can have a single page dedicated to all the products that are popular among MS patients, and can simply label that page its “MS store.”

The reason why a multiple sclerosis store can give one insight into an MS patient’s life is because any consumer’s shopping basket can give a complete stranger plenty of information about that consumer. If the contents include food, they can tell the stranger what the consumer’s dietary habits are. If the consumer follows certain religious or ethical dietary restrictions, then the contents of the shopping basket could tell the stranger what religion the consumer follows. If the shopping basket happens to contain medication, then it could be easy to determine what ailment the consumer is suffering from.


What Do MS Patients Buy at an MS Store?


What items would one be likely to find in an MS patient’s shopping basket or online shopping cart? Well, first off, you would be likely to find reading materials about multiple sclerosis. They may be autobiographical narratives by MS sufferers; they may be reference books about the disease and its symptoms; they may even be books about maintaining a sound mind, body and soul while living with multiple sclerosis. You would also be likely to encounter nutritional supplements and herbal treatments in this shopping basket. The labels of these supplements and herbs would likely describe them as immune system boosters, or myelin sheath supporting nutrients.

MS patients often develop disabilities as their symptoms progress. Fortunately for them, there are items on the market adapted for their use. A cup with two handles, a lid, and a drinking spout is one such item. It is easier for a patient with tremors to drink from such a cup than to drink from a regular cup. The modified cup drastically reduces the likelihood that the patient will drop it or spill its contents onto himself or herself. A food bumper is another useful item. It is a barrier of sorts that keeps the food from falling off a plate. Other items might include kitchen tools adapted for use by people suffering from disabilities. They may not have originally been designed with multiple sclerosis patients in mind, but they work just fine for them.