There are many treatments for spasticity, since many of the MS patients suffer from spasticity; these treatments are also called MS spasticity treatment. It can be used to control attacks that can occur at any time. Spasticity due to multiple sclerosis is caused by spasms that come and go, especially during the night. This can make it quite hard for the individual to sleep and may cause insomnia. There are two types of MS spasticity symptoms, which include flexor spasticity and extensor spasticity. These types stem from the type of muscle it affects within the body.

This condition occurs as a result of interrupted chemical messages sent from the brain through the central and peripheral nervous system. Due to which the central and peripheral nervous system involuntarily alter the biological reactions of certain parts of the body. These electrical messages can cause damage to cells and nerves, and may even cause tingling, pain, and numbness varying on the severity of MS spasticity symptoms. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, MS spasticity symptoms are defined as spasticity that may be aggravated by sudden movements or position changes, extreme temperatures, humidity, or infections and can be triggered even by tight clothing.


Types MS Spasticity Treatment


Fortunately, scientists have completed thorough studies on the effects of this debilitating autoimmune disease that causes disability in its sufferers, as a result of which there are now many great MS spasticity treatment options. Physical therapy and massage therapy are also very good to be used as MS spasticity treatment and are recommended due to the way it can train and benefit the muscles. Massage in many cases can relieve the amount of spasticity in muscles, and prevent further damage to the nerves. This is crucial to help the individual to regain strength and control over their body while suffering from these conditions. For extreme cases, it is always a good idea to visit the physician, nurse, physical therapist, and occupational therapist to compile the best MS spasticity treatment plan to make life a bit more bearable.


MS spasticity treatment and Drugs


There are also many pharmaceutical drugs that can serve as a great MS spasticity treatment option which can supplement a balanced diet and exercise. One of the best ways to relieve tension and spasticity in muscles is through regular exercise and making sure all muscles are properly worked out to avoid muscular or skeletal damage. Due to the nature of this condition, there are many types of MS spasticity treatment available to relieve the severity of the symptoms suffered. One will find that over time, with proper guidance and appropriate MS spasticity treatment, further deterioration of muscles, nerves, cells and other organ systems, can be prevented.