The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has many different chapters all over the United States.  This includes the MS Society WA and the MS Society NYC.  These are both very large chapters that serve a lot of the population on opposite ends of the country that struggle with multiple sclerosis and its effects.  The Multiple Sclerosis Society WA serves people in the states of Washington, Alaska, and Montana.  The Multiple Sclerosis Society NYC serves people in the five different boroughs of New York City.  Combined, they serve over 22,000 people afflicted with or affected by multiple sclerosis, providing them with information, raising money for funding research and support programs, and educating the general public about multiple sclerosis.

Both of these chapters feature online websites with information about the multiple sclerosis society.  They feature specific information about their chapters, as well as overall information about the national society in general.  National news about the disease as well as local news is posted regularly, keeping website users up to date about research and treatment options.  Both websites offer comprehensive information for people who are patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, their caregivers and loved ones, and medical professionals who treat and diagnose the disease.


Information Available At The MS Society Websites


Both websites have a lot of information available that can benefit a lot of different people.  For starters, learning about the disease multiple sclerosis is important for anyone who is newly diagnosed with the disease or for their loved ones and caregivers.  This will help them to learn how the disease works, what it may be caused by, what the treatment plan is, and what the outcome could be.  This can help people suffering from the disease better understand what is happening to their bodies and feel like they have more control over the disease.

Other information that is available on the website includes fundraising events.  These events are held locally for people to attend and help raise money for multiple sclerosis research and support programs.  Since there is currently no cure for multiple sclerosis, it is very important to keep the research process ongoing to discover more about the disease and how to treat it.  Funding can also help to provide financial assistance to people with multiple sclerosis who need aid such as meal assistance, support groups, or transportation.  Events that can help raise funds for multiple sclerosis include walks, races, bike tours, dinner and luncheons, and more.