One of the most important things that the MS Society Scotland does is collect money for research.  Currently, multiple sclerosis is still a mysterious disease in many ways to medical professionals, and there is no cure.  Since it is a very disabling disease that progressively gets worse over time, doctors and researchers are struggling to find a cure as quickly as possible.  They are also always looking for ways to help slow down the progression of the disease to ensure people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis can still live long, full lives without the full effect of symptoms getting in the way of daily living.

In order to raise money for research purposes, the MS Society Scotland holds many different kinds of events.  Some of these are physical activities for the community.  These can include walks, races, obstacle courses, or even bike tours that are held for the multiple sclerosis cause.  People can sign up to participate and the proceeds that are raised will go to multiple sclerosis research.   This is a very popular way to raise money, since it is a community event and it provides people with an activity that helps to raise their own personal self-worth as well as raise money for a worthy cause.


Information On The MS Society Scotland Website


Besides collecting research money through fundraising, the MS Society Scotland also educates the public on the chronic neurological disease multiple sclerosis.  This is very important to ensure that people understand multiple sclerosis and that they know what the symptoms are.  People who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis already can also benefit from information about the disease.  It can help them to better understand what is going on inside of their body.  This can help them to be better prepared for any new symptoms that could crop up as the disease progresses, and it can help them to properly take care of their body so that relapses can be avoided.

Another type of information that the website provides is information about the different types of treatment that is available on the market today.  This helps people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis know their options when it comes to their treatment.  They can then be active in their care and discuss this with their treatment team.  It can be important for caregivers and medical professionals as well.  They can learn about the most up to date treatments to ensure their loved one or their patient is getting the highest quality care available.