The MS Society Ireland website is very easy to navigate, and they have a lot of important information right on the front page.  One important piece of information to notice is the MS hotline at the top of the page.  For patients living with multiple sclerosis and their families, this is a great phone number to have in case of emergencies.  The front page also lists any current events that are going on to help raise funds for multiple sclerosis research, making it easy for people in the local area to learn how they can contribute to the society in some way.  They are listed on a helpful monthly calendar.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society Ireland website also has many links on the left hand side of the page to take users to different areas of the site.  These links can be helpful for patients with multiple sclerosis, their families, and medical professionals.  Some of the links include living with multiple sclerosis, research, how to support Multiple Sclerosis Ireland, and services and resources.  People can also subscribe to their eNewsletter in order to get the latest news about multiple sclerosis and the society delivered directly to their email inbox.


Information Available on the MS Society Ireland Website


Information is very important for people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  It helps them to know how to take care of themselves while living with a chronic disease.  This can help them to stay in a remissive stage for as long as possible.  It is important to keep up on nutrition and exercise in an appropriate manner when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  A medical professional can advise a patient on the right vitamins and supplements to take and how much exercise is right for the person.  Gentle exercise can help a patient to keep their muscles limber and strong in order to avoid mobility issues.

Information is also very important for medical professionals.  They need to regularly educate themselves on the disease in order to keep up with new medications and treatments, both traditional and alternative.  This will ensure that all patients get the best care that gives them the best quality of life.  The Multiple Sclerosis Society Ireland features research news about new medications, stem cell research, myelin repair, and clinical trials, so it can be a great place for any medical professional to look to get the latest news about the disease.