You can do your part to help raise funds for MS research by locating an MS Ride going on nearby. If you don’t mind traveling to another state to participate in these bike rides, then you could also sign up to participate in a ride taking place any where around the nation. This cycling event is an excellent way to meet others who are personally dealing with MS, have a loved one battling the disease, or who just feels like joining in on the crusade to raise research funds for Multiple Sclerosis.

The length of the ride varies and you are welcome to participate in as many miles as you feel possible. Typical distances are 50, 75, 110, or 150 miles, but these could vary according to the location of the ride. The MS Ride 150 can be quite the haul, but the feeling of euphoria that comes with completing it is amazing. The course is set up with designated rest stops in place. At each rest location there is food, drinks, rest rooms, first aid, bike repair, and they are positioned between 4 and 10 miles apart.

During these biking events, some riders prefer to make a camping trip of it. Those who don’t can stay in a hotel and receive shuttle service from the ride to the hotel. Camping gear must be your own and hotel reservations are up to you to make. At the end of the ride, a ceremony and party is held to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. Whether you are participating in the MS Ride New Bern in September or the MS Ride NYC in October, it’s sure to be a good time.


Success of the MS Ride 2010


The MS Ride San Diego and the MS Ride Seattle have both been huge successes in the past. In fact, each cycling event for MS that has taken place has been extremely successful, thanks to the wonderful support from volunteers, donators, sponsors, and participants. In 2010, the New Bern Multiple Sclerosis Ride alone raised more than 1.6 million dollars to go towards not just MS research, but also for creating programs and providing services for people with MS.

You can sign up for an MS Ride by visiting the National MS Society’s website and checking out the Bike MS page with the ride map on it. Here, you can locate a ride near you or see which state is hosting a ride during the month you have some time available. Follow the registration details and you’ll be on your way to helping rid the world of MS.