A selection of MS resources is available to help people who have MS to understand it better. Multiple Sclerosis resources can be obtained from online sources, the local library, your doctor, a community center, or a nearby support group. These can come in the form of pamphlets, books, audio or video selections, or flyers. Online sources seem to have the largest variety of information available. Much of it can be printed right off the net via computer, but some can also be taken out on loan through certain organizations.

For instance, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society website has a multimedia library. The page describing the resources available provides links to direct you to a page with a list of books and one specifically for DVD and video titles. The resources mentioned on these two pages aren’t available directly through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s main headquarters, but instead they need to be picked up from a local MS Society chapter. Most large cities have at least one MS branch where patients and loved ones can obtain any information they need.

Besides trying to find resources about the disease itself, there are plenty of additional helpful sources of info about other aspects of MS. These include; a proper diet with menus and recipes, exercise programs and how to modify exercises for those with limited mobility, how to explain to kids what MS is, and also locations of suppliers of assistive technology some MS patients need as the disease progresses.


MS Resource of CNY


The Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York has an amazing lending library. It is filled with pamphlets, books, and videos about MS or that people with MS can benefit from. Any of the materials can be loaned out for up to 4 weeks. They offer a special category of books which were written by people with MS, as opposed to individuals who know about MS on a second-hand basis. These can be very inspirational for people who are feeling frustrated or need encouragement when dealing with this disease.

Additional MS resources offered by this resource center of CNY include a list of equipment available for loan. As long as the center has at least 48 hours to fulfill the equipment request, it is usually able to find the necessary piece of medical equipment to loan out. Transportation for people within the area is provided, should they need to reach an appointment for an MS treatment of some type. Any of these Multiple Sclerosis resources are offered free of charge when possible.