An MS research foundation is completely non-profit and collects funds to aid in finding a cure for MS. Any MS research center can be found online, if you wish to donate time or money to its cause. The goal of most foundations is to raise as much money as possible to go towards researching MS to find a cure. Generally, all donated funds go towards research; 100 percent. The workers at the foundation are all volunteers, in order to enable donations to be put completely towards MS research. A number of foundations are set up for a person who struggled with Multiple Sclerosis and lost the battle. There are some centers created by the loved ones of a person with MS in hopes a cure will be found soon.

As for events, some funds are necessary for getting things rolling, but the foundation usually receives most of what it needs to host an event for free. Thanks to the kind hearts of those involved with making special events happen, 90 to 95 percent of the funds raised through the event are still able to go towards new MS research. Most costs are created by the need to pay for caterers, performers, or venues and even these are sometimes provided at a discounted rate, due to the noble cause they are being used for.


Finding Current MS Research News


New about MS research studies spreads across the many MS sites on the Internet rather quickly. Current findings include the finding of a molecule called ‘Axin2’ that might be able to regular myelin repair. Regenerating damaged myelin would help to repair the nervous system of those diagnosed with MS. This is just one of the many types of research being performed for MS patients.

Whenever the latest MS research hits the news, the MS community and their loved ones can find out the details in a matter of minutes. Whether the news is about a new drug treatment, how the addition of a specific supplement can alter the course of MS, what new links between environmental factors and MS have been discovered, or technological advancements that can possibly help MS patients regain mobility, it is still considered to be a fantastic MS research breakthrough.

You can locate an MS research foundation near you if you wish to donate your time to help raise awareness and funds for the research of Multiple Sclerosis. Any MS research center is glad to get any volunteers willing to give their time and talents to a worthy cause.


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