Does an MS recovery diet work? Yes, it actually does work, but to understand why means to understand the disease. The Maya and other ancient cultures pointed out on many occasions that knowing your problem or enemy is the first and greatest step to overcoming it.

Multiple sclerosis is caused by deterioration of a fatty tissue called myelin. The myelin sheath coats nerves like an insulator on wires, allowing their signals to come through strong and pure. Like with wires, if the coating is degrades, the signals are weaker and interfered with. The breakdown of myelin, called demyelination, is the crux of the MS problem.

See, when these signals are faded, weak or not there, organs, all organs on the affected lines, begin to lose power and control. This is due to the brain not being able to talk to them.

This phenomenon causes symptoms such as vertigo, pains and aches, circulation problems and cardiac complications, breathing difficulty and other problems. This is very serious.


The Basis of the MS Recovery Diet


The MS recovery diet is all about foods that include known vitamins and minerals that help dispose of the symptoms and help heal some of the demyelination that has occurred.

Many MS recovery diet recipes can be found on various websites that specialize in the subject, along with MS recovery diet testimonials. This knowledge is values and widely used and is therefore not difficult to find.

An example of this diet at work is the use of vitamin D, especially from milk. The contents of milk, vitamin D, calcium and fatty acids promote all around wellness in the body’s various systems. Also, the fatty acids and vitamin D fortify the body’s myelin sheath and also help the body to repair it by enhancing its ability to produce the tissue.

Another example is use of foods rich in phosphors and potassium to combat muscular issues and gastric distress that MS can cause. Diets that aid in MS recovery can be rich in variety and you will be surprised how many widely-loved foods are compliant with this goal-oriented diet plan.

There is a lot to be said though for adding stretches and low impact aerobics to this to help strengthen the body’s systems so they work better with the diminished nerve signals as well.